NOVAtime Standard Features

In an ever-changing economy and business environment, the one thing that can help a business control costs is an end-to-end workforce management solution. How will the NOVAtime Workforce Management Solutions help your company? The answer is, simply, by automating routine tasks, optimizing pay and shift rules, and providing interface options to create detailed labor cost reports. Many large Enterprise companies have turned to our solutions and have begun to leverage the NOVAtime system as a strategic tool, as well as a differentiator for their particular industry or vertical market. Below, you will find an overview of the many features that are provided in the standard NOVAtime solution.

Product Overview

Functionality that Works for YOU

The NOVAtime solution was released in 2007 and has since been enhanced with features and functionality that make it one of the most robust and accommodating workforce management solutions in the market. The system accommodates an unlimited number of employees, and the application is built with an open modular design that easily adapts to company changes.

  • User-friendly web interfaces for administrators, supervisors, and employees.
  • Highly configurable dashboard for supervisors and administrators that consolidates everything on a single screen, from employee data and daily processes, to system information and hardware statuses.
  • Interfaces with virtually many 3rd party application, including payroll/HR/ERP systems, eliminating double entry of shared information.
  • Allows personnel to enter their time via biometric device, swipe card, web browser, telephones, and mobile apps (for Android and Apple iOS devices).
  • Reduces administrative costs and increase employee productivity (no more paper timecards and manual calculations!).

Timesheet Editing & Approval *

The NOVAtime Timesheets feature enables supervisors to review, edit, and approve their assigned employees’ timesheets. Employee punches and attendance exceptions are displayed on the timesheet, as well as on the supervisor’s dashboard for quick corrections as needed. This eliminates the need for supervisors to review individual employee timesheets to find any mistakes, ultimately improving efficiency and allowing supervisors to spend more time performing other management tasks. Learn More

IN/OUT Board *

The NOVAtime Dashboard feature includes an IN/OUT Board gadget, a powerful tool that enables quick identification of all employees who are currently clocked IN, clocked OUT, on leave, etc. The IN/OUT Board is easy to use and can be viewed with various filters. This allows managers, receptionists, and security personnel have instant access to necessary information with just a few keystrokes. The gadget is a great tool for monitoring staff availability and, with NOVAtime’s innovative use of push technology, supervisors are provided with real time information, right at their fingertips. Learn More

FLSA Compliance *

NOVAtime meets FLSA guidelines and complies with federal, state, and local labor laws and mandates. The NOVAtime FLSA feature enables supervisors and administrators to apply FLSA rules with various configuration options, including OT distribution frequency, premium hours, pay matrix distribution hours, negative adjustment, etc. Additionally, supervisors can set up each employee with the FLSA eligibility setting enabled or disabled. Learn More

Scheduling *

The NOVAtime Scheduler is a complete scheduling feature that is designed to enable the creation and management of both permanent and temporary employee schedules. This provides supervisors with the ability to create a distinct point of reference for employee information, while providing the system with the expected start and end times of various work shifts. The system provides multiple scheduling methods, including a template-based scheduling and a free-form scheduling. It also comes with several powerful schedule copy features that allows you to copy an employee's schedule to others (crew scheduling) or copy a selected group of employees' schedules to a set date range.

A powerful Advanced Scheduling Manager (ASM) product is available to support automatic generation of rosters, shift giveaways, shift pickups, text and email notification to qualified employees to work on available shifts, etc. It is designed for public safety organizations, such as fire departments, police departments, and public works. Learn More

Report Generator *

The NOVAtime Reports feature offers a variety of report categories and templates, allowing users to create and customize reports on system and employee data. System administrators are able to pre-configure reports that are to be used by supervisors, while access features control what type of information users are allowed to report on. Additionally, NOVAtime reports may be published to all system users or emailed to designated supervisors only. Learn More

Pay Rule Setup *

The NOVAtime Rules Setup module enables pay rules that are parameter-driven and easy to set up, modify, and track. Pay rules are tracked by pay codes that may be organized in up to eight levels in NOVAtime and up to twenty levels in NOVAtime 5000. Both systems support an unlimited amount of values within each level, allowing the configuration of numerous rules that determine the way in which employee time is calculated. Learn More

Security Access Groups *

To ensure system security, while also providing user flexibility, the NOVAtime Access Group feature enables system administrators to configure role-based security access that supervisors and employees can be assigned to. The Access Group settings contain security rules that define which modules, pages, and other system features can be accessed and utilized by each group of system users or employees. Additionally, NOVAtime supports separate user interfaces and screen layouts for each user group, and every component of the solution can be granted or disabled. Learn More

Self-Service Portals

NOVAtime is web-based for all users, including payroll administrators, system administrators, supervisors, and employees. Self-service user accounts can be accessed through a PC via a standard web browser, as well as through selected time clocks, mobile apps, or the Phone-in System. Learn More

Retro Pay **

The NOVAtime solution enables corrections and adjustments to be made to timesheets in any past or current pay period. The NOVAtime Retro Pay module makes it possible for timesheets of previous pay periods to be edited, without requiring the entire timesheet to be re-processed. When adjustments are made to prior pay periods, the Retro Pay function allows supervisors to pay the employee retroactively by automatically including these adjustments in the next scheduled payroll process.

Benefit Accruals & Comp-Time Banking **

The NOVAtime Accruals feature provides accuracy and efficiency, while also eliminating the time-consuming manual tasks involved in the upkeep of accrual information. The system automates the tracking of employee balances and allows account credits and/or debits to be based on their attendance and seniority. Learn More

Pay Matrix **

The NOVAtime Pay Matrix feature is a powerful shift differential/premium calculator that functions as an extension of the NOVAtime calculation engine. With many built-in options, the Pay Matrix feature is able to support complex calculation formulas without the need for custom programming. Learn More

Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

NOVAtime supports the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The PPACA defines a “large employer” as one that employs an average of 50 full-time (FT) or full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. The shared responsibility provisions of the PPACA require large employers to provide “minimum essential” health care coverage to all full-time employees, or otherwise pay a penalty of up to $2,000 annually for each full-time employee. NOVAtime effectively enables customers to monitor FT/FTE details and avoid PPACA penalties. Learn More

Make-up Pay *

  • The NOVAtime Make-up Pay feature allows employees to make up missed hours without impacting daily or weekly overtime rules. The system can either automatically apply the make-up hours, or it can require employees to generate requests for make-up schedules that must be approved.
  • This allows an employee who has missed hours due to a personal emergency to make up hours during the same week, with no loss of pay, while also allowing employers to maintain their productivity without paying unauthorized overtime. This feature may be configured to allow employees to waive premiums and attest to company messaging during the waiver. See your labor law consultant before implementing this feature.
  • See the press release on the Make-Up and Break and Meal Premium.

Break and Meal Premium *

  • The Break/Meal Premiums feature can identify employees who have not taken their required scheduled breaks or meals. If configured accordingly, the system will then compensate the amount of time of the scheduled event based on their regular hourly rate.
  • The NOVAtime Break Premium feature allows employees to receive additional compensation for missing a paid break. The Meal Premium feature ensures employees take appropriate meals and will automatically apply the meal premium, or commonly referred to ‘penalty’ should they be requested to work through either of these events.
  • This feature makes it much easier to manage and monitor meal breaks and rest periods and can also track multiple events based on hours worked. This feature may be configured to allow employees to waive premiums and attest to company messaging during the waiver. Please refer to your labor law consultant before implementing this feature.
  • See the press release on the Make-Up and Break and Meal Premium.

* Standard Features for NOVAtime SaaS, STAR, STARbox, and Lite

* * Standard Features for NOVAtime SaaS, STAR, STARbox