SurePath™ Implementation

SurePath™ – A Proven Approach to All Projects

Here at NOVAtime, we understand the importance of completing Workforce Management projects on time and within budget. It is a challenge to achieve both—for any organization—which is why NOVAtime has developed the SurePath™ Implementation Methodology, a multi-phased project approach that provides a structured framework to ensure consistent processes through best practices. Our use of SurePath guidelines has steered NOVAtime to timely and budgetary success for thousands of Workforce Management projects, worldwide.

Through refined procedures, rigorous testing, and ample previous experience, we have created a process that accommodates all implementations, regardless of the complexity or size of the project. NOVAtime has performed over 16,000 implementations, acquiring the skills and expertise to provide best-practice processes that ensure a smooth and successful implementation of the NOVAtime solution, while also meeting the unique business goals and objectives of each client.

The SurePath Methodology is guided by NOVAtime Program Management tools throughout the lifecycle of the project, which create the foundation of successful interaction between NOVAtime and our clients. This includes:

  • Communication Processes
  • Issue and Risk Management
  • Change and Scope Management
  • Quality and Delivery Assurance

Taking the Risk and Guesswork Out of Each Project

NOVAtime works with each client to develop a thorough and comprehensive project implementation plan that addresses all goals and expectations of both the client and NOVAtime, including technology, process, and cost-reduction. The SurePath™ Methodology addresses key tasks, starting with the initial planning of the project all the way through the implementation and into the client’s transition to ongoing support. This approach also outlines the key criteria and milestones for each phase of the implementation, which functions to indicate when the project team is ready to proceed into the next phase of activity.

  • Phase I (Assess):

    The NOVAtime Project Team works closely with each client to understand the project goals—both technical and business-related. An initial work plan is developed to address the goals and establish the Program Management Office that will provide the basis for ongoing communication and issue management.

  • Phase II (Plan):

    NOVAtime Project Team members engage with the client’s team to identify any disparities between goals and limitations (gap analysis) in the technical infrastructure and current business procedures. Work plans and resource assignments are updated, and infrastructure procurement will ensue if the gap analysis indicates the necessity.

  • Phase III (Build):

    The initial system is configured and user data is prepared, while core infrastructure and system loads are completed. Payroll field mapping will be finalized, and interfaces will also be addressed to prepare for testing and data analysis in the next phase.

  • Phase IV (Test):

    Pilot and parallel activity are conducted to identify any remaining configuration in need, and issues are identified prior to large-scale deployment. Combinations of unit and user acceptance testing will be used to ensure proper functionality and readiness for production deployment.

  • Phase V (Deploy):

    NOVAtime’s Professional Services will support deployment across the client’s environment, while also providing real-time mitigation, as needed, in order to address both technical and business issues. Typically, the implementation process will begin with smaller departments and then move on to departments with more complex interfaces and requirements.

  • Phase VI (Support Transition):

    A post-implementation review is conducted to identify all issues encountered, lessons learned, and processes that may be enhanced for future deployments. The client is transitioned to NOVAtime’s ongoing support services, which provides unlimited training and technical support, at no extra charge, as our commitment to the initial project and the client’s organization.

Setting the Foundation for a Successful Partnership

Not only does NOVAtime emphasize a careful and efficient approach to the technical setup of the NOVAtime solution, but we also understand the importance of training each client throughout the duration of the implementation process. The SurePath Methodology provides the framework for efficient and effective user and administration training through each phase of the project, ensuring that the client’s entire staff is capable and prepared to use the NOVAtime solution within the workplace environment. Training for clock and web interfaces also ensures that the employee experience is a smooth and successful transition from legacy processes and applications.

NOVAtime’s Professional Services team will develop customized training plans specific for each customer to provide the most effective approach for each environment. NOVAtime’s Training Program features several courses that are designed for the different types of system users. This includes “Train the Trainer” courses that focus on specific functional areas, creating users who will have the ability to act as resources for their departments by training new users that join the organization and helping to re-train existing users in the future. Also available in the NOVAtime Training Program are self-paced materials, recorded training videos, quick user guides, and more.

The NOVAtime Project Team and Training Instructors all contribute a wealth of experience in project implementation. From state-of-the-art technology to complex business processes, NOVAtime’s team carries the expertise to accurately and efficiently guide each client implementation and allow the maximum return on investment (ROI) from their Workforce Management initiatives.