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Workforce Management solutions that enable you to add as you grow. With NOVAtime, you have a partner to fulfill any timekeeping, payroll, HR, talent management, or recruiting need.
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Introducing our new revolutionary smart clock. Meet the NT8000

Limitless Possibilities

NOVAtime's best of breed solutions ensure you are never limited in your workforce management needs. Whether you are an enterprise organization, or starting small and planning to grow, with NOVAtime's unsurpassed capabilities we have the solution.

Time and Attendance Apps

Designed with today's workforce in mind, NOVAmobile offers true workforce management functionality on the go.
  • Available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10
  • Automatic punch reminders
  • Geofencing for punch lockout or transfer
  • Available in multiple languages
Novatime Mobile App Example
Time and Attendance Software on Laptop

Time and Attendance Software

Track employees' time, attendance, and jobs; increase efficiency while managing labor costs and compliance risks.

Hand Held Solutions

Today's workforce is not confined to corporate offices and cubicles. Instead, remote worksites and 24/7 schedules have employees constantly on the move. With NOVAtime you have access to a suite of hand-held and mobile solutions for your modern workforce.
NOVAtime RS30 Phone Solution
NOVAtime NT8000 Touch Screen Smart Clock

Time Clock Hardware and Software

We complement industry-leading workforce management software with a wide variety of hardware.
  • Smart clock / kiosk
  • Biometric hand punch
  • Smartphone scanner
  • Phone-in solutions

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Whether you need basic or advanced workforce management capabilities, we are here to grow with you.
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