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QR Code Technology - Temporary Electronic Badges

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NOVAtime optimizes QR Code technology to offer an electronic badge to companies that may hire temporary employees for temporary coverage. Staffing agencies that require a solution for short-term employees with a fixed start/end work period can benefit from this simple and cost-effective alternative to physical badges.

The Challenge

Staffing agencies and hired day laborers pose the twofold challenges of management and cost. Staffing agencies try to connect the right candidate to the right company, but these agencies face certain obstacles when trying to place workers. A staffing agency must maintain a talent pool that is large enough to support the companies for which they are contracted. The larger the pool, the more difficult it is to track individual workers. Costs also rise with an increased talent pool as conventional badges must be purchased and issued to each worker. These costly badges are tied to each worker, and are used to verify clock-in/out at the job site. Once the job is complete, these badges are either lost or unreturned, so a surplus of new badges must be stocked for future workers.

Day laborers also pose similar challenges since it is not realistic to always provide a physical badge to this unique workforce. Day laborers are largely mobile and routinely perform different jobs for different employers on different days. For example, if a laborer is ready to work—and near the job site, but far away from the staffing agency—it is not feasible to pick up a badge before showing up at the job site.

The Design

Quick Response (QR) Codes are machine-readable optical matrix barcodes that contain specific information about the item to which it is attached. A QR Code uses four standard modes (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji) to efficiently store data, and these codes can be used for product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management, and marketing. QR Codes can be printed or stored as an image on a smart phone.

How the Electronic Badge Meets the Challenges

NOVAtime’s NT55M, NT65M, and NT7000 timeclocks meet the challenges of staffing agencies and day laborers. Each timeclock is equipped with a camera that can capture a QR Code attached to a specified worker. The worker is assigned a unique QR Code which can be printed on a piece of paper or saved as an image on a smartphone—both options eliminating the need for a physical badge. The QR Code can then be used to clock in/out at a specific job site.

Furthermore, the electronic badge can restrict punches by adding a specified punch timeframe (i.e., Start Date-Time to End Date-Time) into the QR Code. In the image below, the temporary electronic badge would allow the user to only clock in after 8am on 9/24/15, and expire after 6pm on the same day.


With the high cost of badges and the rising demographic of mobile workers, NOVAtime leverages existing QR Code technology to offer a solution that is simple and cost-effective. Since QR Codes can be printed, it eliminates the need for staffing agencies to purchase and stock expensive badges. QR codes can also be sent and received virtually, saved as an image, stored with a specific clock in/out timeframe, and captured by the NT7000 and NT65M directly from the worker’s mobile device.

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