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Access Control Module for the NT7000

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Access control refers to the practice of allowing or restricting entrance into a property, building, or room to authorized or unauthorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved by various means: mechanical (e.g., lock and key), human (e.g., guard or receptionist), or technological (e.g., computer-controlled, biometric, or card).

The Challenge

Access control determines who can enter a specific physical space and when they are allowed entrance. Historically, this was accomplished through the use of keys and locks—whoever possessed the key had the privilege of access. This mechanical solution to access control has changed very little since its inception and poses many known risks: 1) keys can be copied and distributed without discretion and permission, 2) keys cannot keep a record of who has entered and when they entered, 3) keys can be lost or stolen, and locks must be re-keyed.

Utilizing a human component for access control also comes with its unique risks and challenges. Employing receptionists and security guards can be expensive, and reliable 24/7 coverage is difficult to achieve.

Computer-controlled access control uses computers to solve the limitations of mechanical and human access control while offering additional options and tracking mechanisms. Computer-controlled access control systems not only grant access based on specific credentials, but doors can remain unlocked for a predetermined time while all transactions are recorded. When access is refused, the door can remain locked and the attempted access is recorded. The system can also monitor the door and activate an alarm if the door is forced open or held open for too long.

How NOVAtime’s New Access Control Meets the Challenges

Computer-controlled, NOVAtime’s new Access Control solution surpasses traditional mechanical or human access control systems not only in its reliability and cost-effectiveness, but also in that it utilizes one device, the NT7000 timeclock, for both access control and timekeeping functions.

NOVAtime’s NT7000 Access Control solution is flexible and offers these sophisticated access control options:

  • Separate or combine door access from time punches: If separated, accessing the door does not equate to clocking in and out. For example, John can access the front door several times throughout the day, but only clock in at 8am and clock out at 5pm.
  • Door Time Zone – Door access authorization is based on access groups and times. For example, Monday through Friday 7am ~ 6pm access is assigned to accounting clerks.
  • Employee Schedules – Door access authorization is based on an employee’s work schedule with pre-defined grace minutes. For example, John can access the front door anytime between 7:45am ~ 5:15pm because his work schedule is set between 8am ~ 5pm, with a 15-minute grace.
  • HID Facility Code (Site Code) Support – This is a feature that enables all card access to be verified against a facility code embedded in the HID badge before any access control rules are applied.
  • Employee Validation – Only employees who are assigned to a specific timeclock will have access to the door.
  • Individual Access Override – This is a feature that allows individuals with the “All Access” option to not be verified against Access Control rules. For example, John is the general manager for the facility, and he can access the front door at any time.


Designed to work seamlessly with NOVAtime 5000 Time and Attendance/Workforce Management SaaS solution, NOVAtime’s NT7000 Access Control option offers the basic benefits of computer-controlled access control in addition to optional features allowing for greater flexibility for companies who require more control of employee access.

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