Department of Labor Overtime Rule Update

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Under the direction of President Obama, the Secretary of Labor updated overtime regulations on May 18, 2016. The update follows the original intent of the Fair Labor Standards Act—to increase wages of middle-class workers or allow them more free time outside of their jobs. The update modernizes and simplifies the rules so that they are easier for workers and businesses to understand and implement.

New Overtime Rules

According to the Department of Labor’s website ( the final rules take effect on December 1, 2016 and will:

  • Raise the salary threshold indicating eligibility from $455/week to $913 ($47,476 per year), ensuring protections to 4.2 million workers.
  • Automatically update the salary threshold every three years, based on wage growth over time, increasing predictability.
  • Strengthen overtime protections for salaried workers already entitled to overtime.
  • Provide greater clarity for workers and employers.

Response to New Overtime Rules In response

In response to the new overtime rules, employers can perform any combination of the following actions:

  • Pay time-and-a-half for overtime work
  • Raise workers’ salaries above the new threshold ($47,476 annual salary)
  • Limit workers to 40 hours per week

How NOVAtime Can Help

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