NOVAtime’s Commitment to Accessibility Standards

NOVAtime Technology, Inc. is committed to moving NOVAtime 5000, its premier Workforce Management Solution, towards a high level of accessibility for disabled users. This movement is informed by technology accessibility standards such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0), the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template Section 508 (VPAT 508) and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. To facilitate this goal, NOVAtime has enacted specific business practices to ensure a continued movement towards greater accessibility for users with any disabilities.

One important practice that is currently enforced is the requirement that any new web pages created for NOVAtime 5000 are required to meet accessibility standards highlighted in the WCAG 2.0, the VPAT 508, and W3C accessibility standards. This ensures that the work required in order to bring the entire program up to the required accessibility standards is minimized, and ensures that all future features in NOVAtime will be as accessible as possible for users of all ability.

Currently, NOVAtime 5000’s Employee Portal is fully compliant with W3C and is compliant with WCAG 2.0 and the VPAT 508 using Assistive Technology (AT) such as a JAWS screen reader, NVDA screen reader, etc. Furthermore, NOVAtime’s time clock terminals, such as the NT7000, provide a number of punch options, audbile cues, adjustable mounting, and other features that ensure they are compliant with the previously mentioned standards.

Now that NOVAtime’s Employee Portal and standard employee functionality is now ADA compliant, R&D is focusing on Supervisor and Administrator Portal accessibility. By consulting current clients, in-house professionals, and third-party experts, NOVAtime will identify key functions of the Supervisor Web Service that need to be accessible in order for a supervisor/administrator with disabilities to perform their job. Once these key functions are identified, NOVAtime R&D will begin planning a new supervisor portal in order to ensure functional accessibility to NOVAtime 5000’s supervisor functions.

NOVAtime takes the accessibility of its workforce management solution very seriously, and will continue to expand the scope of its accessibility goals as more and more of the system becomes accessible to individuals with disabilities.

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