In choosing a place to exercise your talent, what do you care about most? Is your employer engaged in products and services that will change the world-in a good way? Is the company fundamentally improving how people and/or workplaces function? Are they passionate about the integrity of their products and support?

At NOVAtime,we truly believe that the ultimate test of our long-term durability lies not only in our ability to invent great solutions, but also in our ability to continually reinvent ourselves. Under the NOVAtime standard we have assembled expertise from many fields, allowing us to provide services to and meet the needs of many clients. We invite you to join this "Dream Team."

NOVAtime's Culture Direction

  • Our Company culture (CREATE)

    NOVAtime team members contribute:

    • Care – prioritizing customer satisfaction
    • Reliability – providing consistency in job functions
    • Enthusiasm – enjoying job duties
    • Adaptability –adapting to meet technological changes
    • Teamwork – working together as a team
    • Expertise – developing proficiency in specialized fields
  • Our Company Direction (FEVA)

    NOVAtime delivers:

    • Focus – full attention to the Time Management industry
    • Experts – extensive experience in the Time Management industry
    • Vertical market – providing complete solutions in various vertical markets.
    • Alliances - reliable relationships with business partners.
  • Our Company Business Alliance Guidelines (ACE)
    • Accountability – of what we deliver and promise
    • Confidentiality – of all business partner information
    • Experienced – in successfully managing & implementing scalable projects
  • Our Technology

    We use object oriented programming (OOP) technique, UML, ASP.Net, and some of the latest technology to develop the NOVAtime suite of Time and Attendance solutions.

Positions Available

  • QA Tester / Programmer

    We are searching for two quality assurance testers / programmers. The job duties include product testing of NOVAtime’s software and hardware, create detailed step-by-step documentations for reporting bugs/issues for R&D to fix problems discovered, and write automation testing scripts and programs to test our applications. Willingness to learn new technologies and ability to work and produce required results with little to no close supervision are a must. BS degree or higher in computer science or related field is required. Prior QA experience is preferred.

  • Programmer / Analyst

    We are searching for a .Net programmer/analyst to work on new projects and support/maintain existing applications (for web apps). Experience in Win CE/iOS/Android/Windows mobile apps a plus. Willingness to learn new technologies and ability to work and produce required results with little to no close supervision are a must. BS degree or higher in computer science or related field is required.

  • Technical Support / Activation Consultant

    You will be in direct contact will our distributors to support their day to day operations and questions about our products. Primary responsibilities also include participating in the product testing and QA.

    • The ideal applicant will have:
    • Strong communication skills
    • Strong organizational skills
    • Ability to work in a team environment
    • Knowledge in the time management, job costing, and various payroll software applications preferred.
  • Sales Executive

    Primary responsibilities include sales of professional time and attendance / workforce management solutions.

    • The ideal applicant will have:
    • Strong communication, presentation, networking, interpersonal skills and PC literacy.
    • Proven proficiency in strategic sales planning for Time and Attendance Payroll, and/or Human Resource systems.
    • Minimum 5 years of sales experience.
    • Displays maturity, competitiveness and good work ethics, with the ability to work in a cooperative team environment.
  • Technical Writer

    Primary responsibilities include responding to RFPs and product inquiries, while maintaining an informational database for FAQ and company documents. The technical writer often provides a first impression of the company and must have a persuasive writing style that generates interest in the company’s products and services.

    • The ideal applicant will have:
    • Strong writing and communication skills
    • Strong organization skills & ability to multi-task
    • Ability to work both independently and in a team environment
    • Willingness to work hard and take initiative
    • Ability to learn quickly
    • Ability to work under tight deadlines
    • Experience working with MS Word, MS Excel, and electronic publishing programs

    We will consider applicants with relevant education. Interested candidates should email a resume to