Navigating the Duty to "Reasonably Accommodate" & Engage in the "Interactive Process"


As a follow up to June’s ADA, FMLA & Intermittent Leaves webinar, Marie Davis returns to help navigate employer’s responsibility to provide “Reasonable Accommodations” and to engage in the “Interactive Process.”

Marie will note some of the most common accommodations employers are asked to make, as well as some that you may see more rarely. She will explain your responsibility to meet these accommodations and how to assess “undue hardship” in such cases.

She will also define the “interactive process” so you will know exactly how to approach situations in your workplace that may require “reasonable accommodations.” She will offer tips for best practices and cover how different state and federal laws govern these issues.

We will also be hosting Q & A with Marie so you can ask questions specific to your company or locality, or request clarification on any points made in the webinar.

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