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No matter what industry your business operates in, you can count on NOVAtime to provide you with the most innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. Whether you are an emerging company simply looking for better control over employee time and labor, or you are a large company with broader and more complex workforce management needs, we have the solution for you. Find out how NOVAtime helps businesses of all sizes streamline payroll processing and simplify human resources administration.

“NOVAtime's solution gives Dole the necessary tools to enable our staff to accurately schedule and track time for its permanent, seasonal, and contract employees.”

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“The new NOVAtime system has sped up the whole payroll process, from 45 minutes down to 10 minutes.”

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“NOVAtime's solution gives the district the necessary tools to enable our staff to accurately track time for more than 10,000 employees.”

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“Since NOVAtime 4000 is real-time, it has made it easier for me to view employees’ clocking in and out information. Correcting timesheets is very easy, and there are great reports included in the system. ”

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“Implementing the NOVAtime system has cut down the payroll processing time by six to eight hours every two weeks!”

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“All employees like the NT7000 time clock’s optical fingerprint touch pad and the larger screen.”

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"I know that there are other systems, but i like this one and would recommend it.I like that it is web-based, and that i can give access to an unlimited number of supervisors. I can control what they see, and what they do not see."

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“With diligent support from Cincinnati Time Systems and the professional services team at NOVAtime, we were able to ramp up from 50 employees in the system to 5,500 employees in 3 months.”

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