NT65M Mobile Workforce Solution with Barcode Scanner

Compact, ruggedized, and portable design for detailed job tracking of your mobile workforce.

Product Overview

Speed up your job tracking process using NOVAtime’s portable NT65M, the ideal hardware solution for a mobile workforce. The certified Wi-Fi and Wireless WAN capabilities provide secure communication for real-time data transfer and up-to-date information, while the IP67 rating ensures complete protection against dust and water damage. With high security and a rugged design, the NT65M provides 24/7 worry-free usage in any job environment.

Key Employee Features & Functionality:

Standard time/attendance and job costing features:

  • Punch in and out.
  • GPS location tracking
  • Perform multi-employee, multi-group, and department transfers.
  • Submit time-off requests.
  • Input hours for sick leave, vacation, personal leave, etc.
  • Input tips, bonus dollar amounts, etc.

Automated supervisor functionality with real-time kiosk features:

  • View employee timesheets.
  • View employee work schedules.
  • Access employee accrual information (vacation hours, FMLA, sick leave, personal leave, etc.).
  • Access employee performance tracking data (point system).

Optional features for managing a large workforce:

  • Identify employees by enabling the display of employee photos after each successful punch (requires photo import to the NOVAtime system).
  • Reduce overtime expenditure with the “Total Hour” lockout feature, which prevents an employee from punching in if his/her total work hours exceed a predefined limit of maximum hours.


The NT65M eliminates complex data collection while featuring advanced technology for intuitive and effective employee management.

  • Powerful 2D imager scanner enabling quick and efficient scanning of traditional and two-dimensional barcodes (e.g. QR codes), even when displayed on a cell phone screen.
  • Innovative Push Technology using wireless network connectivity to automatically “push” punch data to the NOVAtime server in real time or periodically.
  • Seamless communication between the NT65M and the NOVAtime server provided by NOVAtime Enterprise Web Services (NEWS) and multiple built-in levels of authentication.
  • Self-maintenance facilitated by bi-directional data synchronization, allowing easy updates to be applied to deployed devices without requiring physical handling of each device.
  • Easy deployment with Wi-Fi communication options, certified for enterprise-level security.
  • Convenient support and configuration options that enable settings, functions, and device synchronization to be managed within the NOVAtime system.
  • Vibrant color touchscreen with clarity and ease-of-use.