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NT7000 Smart Time Clock/Kiosk

Modern, versatile design with a large color touchscreen and full kiosk capability for convenient employee self-service.

NOVAtime Time and Attendance Workforce Management Solutions
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Product Overview

NOVAtime’s NT7000 time clock is designed to facilitate the growing need for heightened security and increased accuracy. The device retrieves important workforce data with unmatched precision, while it also utilizes the most secure mechanisms and processes that protect employers from lawsuits, claims, and arbitrations.

The NT7000 is also a time clock with modern appeal, utilizing technology that is perfect for today’s cloud computing environment. As an ideal standalone workforce management solution, the NT7000 is convenient for all employees, particularly when access to a desktop computer or HR office is limited. Additionally, with multi-language support and a design that supports biometric and badge (proximity or HID) readers, the NT7000 is compatible with any workforce or workplace environment.

Key Employee Features & Functionality:
  • Punch in and out using fingers, proximity badges, HID badges, or ID/SSN key-in.
  • Transfer multi-level groups to support labor tracking needs.
  • Submit time-off requests.
  • Input hours for sick leave, vacation, personal leave, etc.
  • Input tips, bonus dollar amounts, etc.
  • Access timesheets, work schedules, accrual information, and performance tracking data (point system) in real time.
  • Submit timesheets for approval.
  • View punches in online and offline mode.

Key Supervisor Features & Functionality:
  • Enable employee schedule lockouts.
  • Enable employee meal lockouts.
  • Distribute private messages to employees.
  • Option to load training videos and other tools for employees to view.
  • Wide-angle camera for photo capture upon punch submission.

  • Utilizes push technology to provide real-time data—no polling required.
  • Offers self-service functions for employees who do not have access to desktop computers or are not located near an HR office.
  • Supports after-hour inquires and acts as an extension of your HR department.
  • Maximizes employee productivity by providing self-service tools that reduce manual employee-to-management requests.
  • Displays features and functions in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Chinese (simplified and traditional).
  • Supports full leave management via the schedule request system.
  • Supports the option to capture photos of employees upon punch submission, adding further identification validation.
  • Provides seamless communication with the NOVAtime server.
  • Offers self-maintenance with bi-directional data synchronization.
  • Offers simple deployment (with the built-in Ethernet adapter, all you need is internet connection via HTTP access).
  • Offers easy support and maintenance.
  • Ensures accuracy and reliability, eliminating questions or concerns about your Time & Attendance / Workforce Management processes.
  • Features a user-friendly touch-screen.
  • Biometric option with an innovative Lumidigm fingerprint reader provides ease of use and cost savings:
  • Saves the time and cost of creating and administering badges.
  • Supports up to 5,000 fingerprint enrollments.
  • Eliminates buddy punching.
  • Biometric privacy concern? See this document for more information.
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