Product Overview

NOVAtime is pleased to announce the release of the NOVAtimeLive™ in August 2013, available for download at the Microsoft Store. The new solution is designed for Windows 8 PC and Windows RT for Microsoft Surface tablets; it functions as an extension of the NOVAtime 4000 Time & Attendance / Workforce Management cloud-based solution. The new NOVAtimeLive™ utilizes mobility, live dashboard, and real-time features of Windows 8/RT, allowing supervisors and administrators to actively manage their workforces.

Mobile Time and Attendance Software

“NOVAtime has taken mobile workforce management to the next level. In addition to the native mobile apps that run on Apple iOS and Android platforms, we now have NOVAtimeLive™, a native mobile app for the Microsoft platform.”

Key Features & Functionality

  • Messages: displays time-off request messages submitted by employees.
  • Exception Summary: identifies timesheet exceptions with the Single Sign-on (SSO) capability to directly access NOVAtime 4000 without going thru the login process, allows corrections to be made to exceptions within NOVAtime 4000.
  • Approval Status: provides a list of approval levels and their corresponding employee counts with the SSO enabled to access timesheets within NOVAtime 4000.
  • Approaching Total Hours: it generates a list of employees with work hours exceeding the configured threshold, allowing supervisors to actively monitor total hours.
  • Push Device Status: it indicates when the elapsed time since the last communication between a time clock and the server exceeds the configured threshold, allowing administrators/IT personnel to monitor hardware connections.