Licensed/Self-Hosted – NOVAtime STAR (Over 1000 employees)

Without the need to wait for time consuming software certifications, NOVAtime STAR is an ideal solution for businesses looking for full control over their Workforce Management system. This self-hosted service is installed on your own servers, making you in charge of software management. Read our Product Overview below to find out what NOVAtime STAR can do for you!

Product Overview

NOVAtime STAR is the self-hosted, licensed version of our state-of-the-art, web-based workforce management system that has raised the bar both technically and functionally. Accessible through the Internet, this system makes is easy and convenient to monitor your workforce and control labor costs. High-level functions are provided to help your management team analyze real-time work data to effect dramatic increases in efficiency and productivity.

NOVAtime STAR is implemented into the client’s environment as a single-tenant, on-premises application. Several of the modules that are options in competitor’s products are standard in NOVAtime STAR, and NOVAtime has developed interfaces to over 300 payroll, HRIS, ERP, Job Tracking, Scheduling and Accrual systems. Furthermore, with our web service integration platform, NOVAtime Enterprise Web Services (N.E.W.S.), our solution offers real-time access to data using standard XML/SOAP formats to eliminate the need to enter data into multiple systems.

By having a single software library to maintain we can shorten the development cycle and provide all of our clients with the best, most up to date workforce management software. Additionally, our disciplined testing, certification and product release schedule guarantees a reliable product that will meet your most rigorous time and attendance requirements.

Standard Features & Key Functionality:

Gain Full Control with a Self-Hosted solution:

  • Self-hosting gives our clients full control of their software AND server.
  • The client’s IT will be responsible for daily backup, server updates, and software updates.
  • Allows the client to host the software on their own servers, eliminating the need to attain time consuming certifications.
  • The client has full control of who can access their software.
  • Access is limited to computers within the client’s network only.

Smooth Migration to NOVAtime SaaS

If at any time in the future your organization decides that it would like to leave its IT headaches to someone else, NOVAtime can quickly and easily migrate your NOVAtime STAR or STARbox database, including all historical time punches, audit trails, active and inactive employees, from your servers to our secure, SSAE16 Type II certified data center. Within a matter of hours, your organization will be able to take advantage of our NOVAtime SaaS solution.