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Electronic Employee Time Clock System & Time Clock Software

NOVAtime complements its industry-leading time clock software technology with the widest variety of hardware, time clock systems/electronic employee time clocks, and data collection options, designed to meet the environmental and business requirements of any company. Offering electronic employee time clocks from basic badge readers to full-featured, self-service electronic employee time clocks, our time clock systems provide the necessary functionality to support all types of workforces. We offer various input methods, including proximity, HID proximity, key-in, bar code, biometric (hand or fingerprint), telephone, and web services to provide options needed for various working environments and company security requirements. Additionally, our many connectivity options, ranging from modem to network, or wireless, means that NOVAtime’s time clock systems and data collection devices can be supported in a wide range of work sites and available infrastructures.

Also known as “server push,” the term “push technology” refers to a type of data distribution that automatically delivers data from the electronic employee time clocks in real time or at defined intervals. NOVAtime was one of the first to market with push technology with their time clock software, beginning in 2006, which now enables NOVAtime 4000/5000 to operate in real time through the use of internet-based communication. When data is entered into the NOVAtime 4000/5000 time clock software through any electronic employee time clock or data collection method, the NOVAtime server will automatically send the updated information from the time clock software to system users, without requiring the user to initiate a request for the update. In contrast, “pull technology” polls data and requires the system user to “refresh” or request an update in order to view the latest information. NOVAtime 4000/5000 eliminates data polling through the use of push technology, providing time clock system users with the most accurate and up-to-date employee data at all times, from any device.

NT8000 Smart Time Clock / Kiosk

The world of time clocks is changing It’s much more than a way to track time. You need a tool that works hard, so you can focus on the bigger picture; a tool that crosses t’s and dots i’s, so you have the confidence the data is correct; a tool that acts as an extension of your HR team to help employees with their questions night and day. Introducing the NT8000, with more powerful technology and friendlier user interfaces that offer more functionality and customization. Plus, security and privacy are front and center to keep your employees and company in compliance.

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NT7000 Smart Time Clock / Kiosk

The NT7000 is a full-featured kiosk time clock, designed with increased security and functionality. While employees may submit punches, transfers, and time-off requests, they are also able to view timesheets, work schedules, accrual information, and performance tracking data—all in real time. The 7” touchscreen offers a vibrant, high-resolution display, with multiple language options, including English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. Identification methods range from proximity and HID readers to a biometric fingerprint sensor that offers unparalleled performance. The NT7000 is powered by NOVAtime’s innovative push technology, so all data transactions are performed in real time, eliminating the need for legacy polling and data download processes.

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Biometric Hand Punch GT400P Time Clock / Kiosk

The GT400P terminal brings full-featured, self-service kiosk functionality to your workforce, while also providing the standard time clock functions, such as punching, transferring, etc. It utilizes hand geometry technology to biometrically identify employees with accuracy and security. Plus, because the GT400P utilizes NOVAtime's innovative push technology, all data transactions are performed in real time, eliminating the need for legacy polling and data download processes.

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NT55MII Durable Smartphone with Built-in Barcode Scanner

NT55MII is an Android smartphone with a built-in barcode scanner. With a large color touchscreen and compact design, the NT55MII is an ideal data collection device for employees in the field or on the go. Easy to use and portable, the NT55MII features a built-in 2D or Laser scanner and supports Wi-Fi and GSM 3.8G HSPA+ wireless capabilities. App updates are delivered automatically via Google Play. A SIM card and data plan are required.

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Phone-in Solution

The NOVAtime Phone-In System enables employees to simply dial a telephone number to clock in/out, perform job transfers, hear their work schedules, and utilize many other great workforce management features in real time—without data polling. Telephone punch functionality is typically used for companies with employees working at remote locations because it allows employees to utilize the system anytime, anywhere, using their own phone!

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Time and Attendance Apps

NOVAtime’s Time and Attendance Applications are available for Apple iOS, Android, and Microsoft platforms, and are a great solution for mobile and remote employees. The iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ smartphone, Android tablet and Microsoft Surface devices offer friendly user interfaces and intuitive apps. Now, your employees and supervisors can be even more productive with these tools by simply downloading the NOVAtime app or the NOVAtime Live Mobile app, allowing employees to enter their time and supervisors to manage their workforce. This is an ideal solution for construction businesses, housekeeping services, home health care, and other mobile businesses with small numbers of employees working remotely at various locations.

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