Workforce Management Solutions

Workforce management system goes beyond traditional time & attendance tracking, focusing on collaborative systems designed with both the employee and employer in mind.

Rigorous business requirements demand robust solutions, and NOVAtime’s complete Workforce Management solution answers the call for businesses in any industry. With trustworthy expertise and pertinent experience, NOVAtime develops groundbreaking workforce solutions using the latest technology to provide anytime/anywhere automated time tracking, complex labor costing, and analytical reporting. Through automated pay rules, business intelligence, and advance scheduling, NOVAtime reduces labor costs and optimizes an organization’s workforce. Our applications are intuitive—designed with a workflow process objective—and our user-definable features simplify deployment and usage throughout organizations of any complexity or size.

NOVAtime’s Workforce Management Solutions offer functions to optimize employee productivity on the individual, departmental, and job level. For organizations and government entities, NOVAtime’s Advanced Schedule Manager (ASM) allows organizations to match employee qualifications, certifications, and skills to specific jobs and tasks over time, quantifying the amount and types of labor needed to accomplish specific jobs on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis. ASM can efficiently staff employees by avoiding overstaffing or understaffing for any job and for any time frame—even for short periods. NOVAtime's base scheduling feature handles many scheduling requirements easily, without involving sophisticated qualifications and certifications.

Combining NOVAtime’s push technology time clocks and powerful time and attendance system to report labor hours in real-time, NOVAtime’s Workforce Management Solutions can easily expand an organization’s profitability and bottom line while increasing its overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

No matter what industry your business operates in, you can count on NOVAtime to provide the most innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. Whether you are an emerging company seeking better control over employee time and labor, or you are a large corporation with broader and more complex workforce management needs, we have the solution for you. Find out how NOVAtime delivers workforce management solutions that can simplify payroll computations, oversee employee scheduling, manage time and attendance, and organize complex labor and compliance requirements.