Why NOVAtime?

NOVAtime provides complete Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solutions that are fully equipped with badge time clocks, biometric time clocks, proximity time clocks, and web-based kiosk devices, as well as integration capabilities with virtually any human resource or payroll application. Our innovative "push technology" is transparent to firewalls and allows us to support real-time punch retrieval, without data polling.

What sets NOVAtime apart?

NOVAtime's Time and Attendance / Workforce Management products utilize today’s most powerful technological tools to deliver robust solutions that still offer convenience and affordability. Known for our scalable software solutions, we offer an extensive line of timekeeping systems for companies of all sizes. Whether you’re from a small business or a worldwide enterprise operation, NOVAtime has a solution that will suit your company's unique needs. We are dedicated to providing dynamic, scalable, and high-quality time management systems that adapt to the growth of your business without requiring system upgrades or retraining of your staff.

  • A Complete Workforce Management / Time and Attendance Solution:

    NOVAtime tracks employee time, attendance and projects accurately while helping to control labor costs, minimize compliance risks and increase productivity. NOVAtime supports a variety of time clock options including desktops, time clocks, mobile apps and IVR systems and features a number of innovative self-service tools that can be customized to fit any business or organization.

  • Beyond Basic Time and Attendance

    In addition to the base functions, NOVAtime provides an Advanced Scheduling System, FMLA module, Advance Reporting options and a powerful Analytics (NOVApower Analytics) engine. Additionally, NOVAtime can be integrated with over 300 payroll and HR solution providers.

  • Successfully implemented by major corporations and government agencies:

    We focus on developing software and hardware technologies that are compatible with businesses and organizations of all industries and sizes, including those operating under federal regulations. The NOVAtime Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solution currently supports several government agencies, including municipalities, counties, and school districts, and one of our largest clients is a healthcare company that manages 45,000 employees.

    Today, more than 18,000 establishments are benefitting from the use of NOVAtime solutions, and over 2 million employees are actively tracked across the NOVAtime SaaS client base alone.

  • Quick ROI:

    Thousands of organizations around the country have found that using NOVAtime to automate and simplify their time and attendance processes provides a quick return on investment. By simply eliminating errors that amount to 1% of the average organization's Annual Fully-Burdened Payroll Expense, it has been estimated that NOVAtime can save a 500-employee organization over $170,000 a year.

    Click here to learn how one such organization reduced the amount of time it spent processing payroll from 45 minutes to 10 minutes.

  • Intuitive and easy to use:

    Whether your company uses a self-hosted system or a multi-tenant SaaS application, the NOVAtime Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solution allows your supervisors to see who is in, who is out, and which employees are approaching overtime. The solution enables timely decisions in just a few keystrokes, while the exclusive NOVAtime Quick Navigator and Dashboard guide system users through step-by-step workflows of daily, monthly, annual, payroll, and new-hire procedures. Plus, as a parameter-driven system that is configurable at both administrative and management levels, the NOVAtime solution helps your company define and address industry-specific demands and unique time, attendance, scheduling, and labor costing needs.

  • Recognized for application security:

    The NOVAtime Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solution and NOVAtime Enterprise Web Services (NEWS) have been put through rigorous penetration tests conducted by Plynt™, a third-party security company. NOVAtime's solutions are validated as having adequate measures to guard against remote adversaries and protect against a wide range of security threats. Our customers can use the NOVAtime timekeeping solution with confidence, knowing that the application and technology have been tested and proven secure against potential intrusions.

  • Built with multi-tenant, multi-tiered architecture:

    Our solutions feature scalable architecture with Network Load Balancing (NLB) that is designed to meet client demands. A single application base provides lower maintenance requirements and decreases provisioning time for new clients. NOVAtime’s best-practice infrastructure offers high availability and performance gains, and our multi-tiered architecture provides the ability to incorporate additional infrastructure and services in order to accommodate increased usage or service-level requirements.

  • Compatible with any environment:

    NOVAtime applications utilize open modular designs that are compatible with any organization's IT/computing environment. This type of design adapts to changes and facilitates company growth, and the NOVAtime Time and Attendance / Workforce Management software is fully implemented via Object Oriented Programming (OOP) using Unified Modeling Language (UML) framework.

  • Developed by a proactive R&D team:

    Since its founding, NOVAtime’s philosophy has been to stay at the leading-edge of technology by continually investing in R&D. From our first-to-market push technology time clocks to our true SaaS model introduced in 2007, our solutions have always leveraged the latest technologies, ensuring our clients have the most powerful workforce management solutions on the market. Our Time and Attendance Apps for Apple iOS and Android, our NOVAtimeLive™ mobile solution, and our recently introduced mobilized web pages that use HTML5/CSS3 technology continue this tradition of innovation.To learn more about NOVAtime's history of innovations, Click here.

  • Offered with a variety of time clock options:

    We offer a number of innovative time clocks and data collection devices that complement the abilities of our software application. The NOVAtime hardware products are of the highest quality in the industry, with programs that utilize the latest technology to identify employees via hand geometry, fingerprint, proximity card, barcode, or ID key-in.

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Why NOVAtime?

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