While NOVAtime is a powerful system, some user requirements require additional features, which add-on modules help supply.

With the powerful NOVAtime solution already in place, introducing these add-on modules will make workforce management even more productive and efficient. Read our Product Overview below to find out what the NOVAtime Add-On Modules can do for you!

Product Overview

NOVApower Analytics™

NOVApower Analytics is a new, dynamic way for companies to visualize their workforce management data. ODATA is used to link the NOVAtime Workforce Management / Time and Attendance solution to NOVApower Analytics, allowing all of your workforce data to be transformed into interactive, presentation ready graphs which are both visually impressive and extremely useful. You can retrieve, analyze, transform and report on any data to generate intelligent insights for one of the largest expenditures of your business, your employees’ work hours. NOVApower Analytics allows you to visualize and analyze years’ worth of data, combining, eliminating and customizing them into various charts and graphs for powerful, analytical, and actionable presentations. To learn about CORT’s experience using NOVApower Analytics, click here. For more information on Albertina Kerr Centers’ success story, check out the case study or the video. Analyzed data can then be scheduled to be sent out via email, allowing businesses to keep tabs on their workforce with ease. Learn More.

Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA) Module

NOVAtime’s PPACA module enhances the NOVAtime workforce management / time & attendance solution with robust features that aid compliance with provisions of both the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The module assists in identifying employees that qualify for “minimum essential” healthcare coverage under the PPACA, helping businesses avoid penalties.

Additionally, this module is also assisting many long-term care facilities, such as Vivage and Retirement Housing Foundation with Center for Medical Services’ (CMS) Payroll Based Journal electronic reporting (PBJ electronic reporting) requirements, recording the required information and dropping it into an exportable file, ready for delivery to the CMS. Click here for more information.

Automated Time Distribution

The NOVAtime Automated Time Distribution feature allows managers to distribute work hours—automatically—without requiring employees to input job transfers throughout the day. The enhanced feature calculates daily totals of qualified timesheet hours and distributes these hours based on the pre-configured distribution rules. It extends the capability of the existing time distribution feature, which allows for manual distribution, and is ideal for cases in which employees’ real-time transfers are deemed too time consuming and labor costs are routinely changed to a selection of labor groups. The end result is transferred to payroll and included in specific system reports for cost analysis and management. Learn More

Exception Tracking & Point System

The NOVAtime Point System feature tracks employee attendance and exceptions, while assigning merits and demerits. It allows point values to be assigned to exceptions (e.g. tardiness, absences, and leaving early), and rules and threshold levels can be set up so that supervisors can view employees who meet or exceed the threshold of the selected exception type. Once a threshold is reached, the system can automatically generate pre-configured HR documents that supervisors may review with their employees. Ultimately, the Point System gives employers a cost effective means of awarding dedicated employees for proper attendance, while disciplining those who do not abide by company policies. Learn More

Expense Tracking & Reporting

The NOVAtime Expense module is a valuable tool for companies that require employees to submit company expenses. System administrators can configure all or specified employees to have access to the Expense module, which will allow them to input selected expenses (e.g. mileage, airfare, lodging, meals, etc.) via Employee Web Services. Expense records can then be submitted to supervisors for approval. Learn More

Notification Engine

NOVAtime provides internal, system-define messages and email alerts for added efficiency in various stages of the system workflow. The NOVAtime Notification engine enables event triggers to be selected with filters and other specifications, keeping supervisors up to date and fully informed regarding their workforce. Learn More

Schedule Lockouts

The most cost-saving function of the system is the NOVAtime Lockouts feature. This can be used to restrict employees’ use of the system, eliminating unauthorized overtime by preventing them from punching IN too early and/or OUT too late. Lockout restrictions can be based on an employee’s daily start/end time (fixed shift, or single schedule), or based on the Global Lockout setting that restricts all employees to the same lockout schedule. Learn More

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Would you like a simple way to access your SaaS data in real-time, in Microsoft Office 365 or 2013? NOVAanalytics is an add-on module in NOVAtime 5000. The NOVAanalytics app allows customers to export data from a set of predefined tables within the NOVAtime application, taking analytics to the next level by using MS Excel, Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. Click here to learn how one staffing solution provider gained insight into its workforce using NOVAanalytics. Learn More

Labor Metrix Integration

Explore leading-edge ways to implement your company’s performance-based compensation strategy, to improve the performance of your hourly workforces, with NOVAtime’s Labor Metrix Integration module. Performance compensation is a strategic tool used to achieve higher levels of business performance by linking revenue with increased productivity and efficiency. Beyond piece rate calculation, NOVAtime’s Labor Metrix Integration module takes the headache out of your performance compensation so you can focus on teamwork, alignment, quality and customer experience.

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For more information on Albertina Kerr Centers’ success story, check out the case study or the video.


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