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How much money can your business save by automating time and attendance processes? Complete the form below to estimate the amount of money that you can save annually by implementing the NOVAtime Time & Attendance / Workforce Management solution.

Time theft: According to the APA, approximately ten minutes per employee are lost daily due to late arrivals, early departures, and extended breaks/lunches.

Payroll error cost reduction: According to KPMG/APA Payroll Benchmarking Study, average payroll error rate that a Workforce Management solution can eliminate amounts to 1.2% of Annual Fully-Burdened Payroll Expense. NOVAtime uses a conservative cost reduction rate of 0.4%.

Payroll inflation cost reduction: Overtime and unworked hours can be reduced on average by 0.72% of total payroll. The maximum savings possible by automation is 1.32% (Nucleus Research). NOVAtime uses a conservative cost reduction rate of 0.4%.

Eliminate Clerical Errors

The NOVAtime solution will automate the calculation of employee hours, preventing clerical errors that occur in manual processes.

Reduce Time Theft

The NOVAtime solution will record accurate arrival and departure times, reducing time theft and ensuring that you only pay for actual time worked.

Benefit from Significant Annual Savings

By automating your time and attendance processes with the NOVAtime solution, you will see significant savings that quickly generate a positive return on investment.

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